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Why I Ask My Kids For Their Permission Before Posting Photos Of Them Online

Why I Ask My Kids For Their Permission Before Posting Photos Of Them Online

“Maybe we should have another baby?,” I wondered as I gazed at the sweet baby photos of my first-born.  Delete. Delete. Delete. Suddenly, a photo flashed on my screen of my then 10-month old son on the day he used his dinner to paint our […]

When My Nonverbal Son Asked For Mom And Dad

When My Nonverbal Son Asked For Mom And Dad

As Zachary gets older, his developmental delays become more noticeable between him and his peers. The fact that he has no words is the biggest one, which is also sometimes the saddest for us. We wonder if we will ever hear that little toddler voice […]

Stop Playing Your Loud A** Music In Public

Stop Playing Your Loud A** Music In Public

As a person who has always lived in a major city and often takes public transit, I have encountered my fair share of extremely annoying and rude people. It’s practically a way of life. To be fair, I know that assholes are everywhere, from the line at the bank to the parking lot at Target. I am generally annoyed by all assholes, but I have something to get off my chest.

I fucking hate people who use their electronics at top volume in public. Talking loudly on your phone, watching videos of YouTube, or listening to your music without headphones — all of it drives me up the wall. That is literally why headphones were invented, so you can listen to whatever you want without the entire world having to hear it.

I feel like it shouldn’t have to be said, but apparently it does. It’s just inconsiderate, it’s actually breaking the law. Most cities have different noise rules and ordinances in place for a reason, so what makes you think that you’re above the rules? There can be a sign that says “No Radio Playing,” and then there’s someone sitting under it listening to loud music. What the actual fuck?

Look, you can listen to whatever music you want. That’s your choice. But that doesn’t mean that everyone within five feet of you needs to listen to it too. Not only am I thinking that you’re a total asshole, I’m judging your shitty taste in music. Because it’s always the people with the worst taste in music who seem to think that everyone wants to hear the garbage that they’re listening to. Well, guess what? We definitely don’t.

You know, you can find headphones in most stores, and you don’t have to buy expensive ones; I spent like ten bucks on a pair at Target.

And don’t even get me started on people who talk loudly on their phones while they’re out in public. Okay, well, I’m already thinking about it, and now I’m annoyed, so here we go.

Do you not know how to speak at a reasonable volume? Do you not care that everyone now knows all of your business?

I was once sitting on a bus in NYC, and a woman was having a battle with her baby daddy about him not paying his child support. On a crowded bus. In the middle of the day.

That’s a whole lot of information that a whole lot of people did not need to know.

I mean, I get it, sometimes you need to take a call while you’re in public. I’m not saying, don’t answer the call. I do it myself. But when it’s something that personal, then you really should try to arrange a time to have the call. Because I wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers to know my business. See also: common courtesy. Because if you have to take such a personal call while you’re out in public, for the love of all that which is holy, don’t yell! Even if I was trying to ignore you, you have now invited me into your conversation.

And another thing, if you’re going to let your kids watch YouTube or play games on your phone, which I’m definitely not going to judge you for because I do it all the time, your phone has a volume button for a reason. My son knows that when we’re out, he can’t watch YouTube at full volume. No one  wants to hear that freaking Finger Family song at top volume while they’re trying to enjoy their lunch. I mean, I’m sitting next to him and I don’t want to hear it, so please, keep “Five Little Monkeys” at a reasonable volume.

Look, what I’m really trying to say here is don’t be a dick. It’s not that hard to be considerate of the people around you when you’re in a public space. Your auditory needs do not take precedence over mine simply because you’ve chosen to ignore common decency.

People who play their music loudly in public are on the same level as people who don’t return their shopping carts. There is no real reason for them to be assholes, they just make the conscious decision to be though. When it’s so easy to be a decent person, why choose to be a shitty one?

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Stop Playing Your Loud A** Music In Public

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Let’s Give Out Compliments Like Drunk Girls

Let’s Give Out Compliments Like Drunk Girls

Walking into a restaurant with a couple of friends, I was struck with equal parts awe and envy at the hostess’s skin. It was flawless and poreless and dewy, the kind of airbrushed-looking complexion that everyone wants, the type that keeps skincare a multi-billion-dollar industry. […]

My House Is The Neighborhood Hangout, And I Love It

My House Is The Neighborhood Hangout, And I Love It

There are seven kids in my house, but only four of them mine … and there goes the doorbell again, so make that eight – no, nine. Excited voices reverberate off every wall, and somebody forgot to take their shoes off, so there are dirty […]

Nothing Prepared Me For The Pain I Felt When My Marriage Ended

Nothing Prepared Me For The Pain I Felt When My Marriage Ended

“You are broken inside.” Sitting in front of a psychic in her apartment with my close friends a few years ago, on a hot and humid July day, this woman, who didn’t know me and whom I had just met, said I was broken inside. I was broken; she was right. He had left for another woman.

As she was making note of the lines on my forehead to indicate the hardship I had recently been faced with, my thoughts immediately started to race back to when my ex walked out of our marriage and of our home while I was holding our daughter tightly in my arms, crying inconsolably, scared and in shock, not knowing how to handle the situation of grieving a lost husband, caring for my three children, who were so young, and getting myself through this unbelievably challenging time.

The sun had set, the next door neighbor was pulling into her driveway, coming home to find me outside standing on the front lawn, watching my husband get into his car and drive away with a defeated and scared look on my face. She knew what had just happened and, like me, she was at a loss for words. Tears coming down our cheeks, she held me and my daughter. Her hug meant the world to me at that moment and I didn’t want to let go of her embrace.

Getting to know me throughout the process of being cheated on and ultimately left for another woman, was so frightening. Nothing prepared me for how to deal with the pain I experienced when I realized my marriage and friendship with another person would never again be the same. For almost 20 years, I had been someone’s partner and, as such, many of the things I did and the way I thought about my future was very much centered around another person.

After spending months crying over a failed marriage, mourning the loss of a future I had imagined for our family, I came to realize that I had defined much of who I was based on this partnership and I felt lost.

What now? How do I move forward? Who am I?

For months, after I found out about the affair, I hated that my mind arbitrarily drifted to thoughts of the affair and that it made me feel like these thoughts had taken over my emotional and mental stability. I couldn’t make sense of what was going on, with him and with myself. He was a completely different person than the person I had known and loved for all of these years.

What had happened to him, to us? I also, rather quickly, felt like I was becoming another person … I couldn’t recognize myself and the things I was doing. For some reason, I was convinced that I could somehow make sense of it all by rummaging through his cell phone and computer. That I could uncover evidence that he did still love me and would not leave me for another woman. Convincing myself time and time again that we would be okay and that all we had to do was to figure out how to get through this bump in the road.

All I ended up finding was more evidence of his love and affection for another woman and the growing distance he was creating from me and our life together. I felt unsettled and frustrated a lot of the time. I was constantly replaying events in my head, pictures, email and text exchanges between them that I had found on his phone. None of it was helpful but I didn’t know how to stop myself from these thoughts, from trying to uncover evidence of his love for me and that he would leave her and realize that he and I could have a happy life together.

I felt like I was spinning out of control and I couldn’t stop the madness that had settled within me.

One of the most difficult things for me to wrap my head around was the betrayal of trust that had attacked my inner peace to its core. I struggled with the emotional trauma of reconstructing what happened between them while he and I were together before I found out about the affair. Painfully putting pieces of the puzzle together with the things he told me he did and said to her while he was with me — this haunted me day and night for such a long time.

Not only was my mental and emotional state declining, so was my physical health. Struggling to eat and take care of my body, I quickly lost 35 pounds over the period of only a few months. I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but this was not how I wanted to go about it. The worst part of it all were his comments to me of how “hot” I now looked after having lost so much weight. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Who was this person, and why was he talking to me in such a crass way?

I also had some fainting spells during the first few weeks after I had found out about the affair and was dumbfounded at how annoyed and unsympathetic he was when I would faint. He saw my pain, but for some reason, he was unable to help me or pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

Despite the small steps to finding my way again, there was still the daily struggle of caring for the kids on my own and dealing with the separation. On most days, I felt like I was in survival mode. I would often come home after dropping off the kids at school and go back to bed and hide under the covers and cry. It was terrible. I felt extremely guilty that I was hiding in my bedroom and not being fully present with the children. The lack of energy made it difficult to keep up with the kids on the weekends, but I managed it as best as I could and by the time Monday morning rolled around, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was physically and mentally exhausted.

I knew I had to get out of the cycle I had created for myself, one that was spiraling out of control. I had to do it for myself and more importantly, for the children.

First thing I did: I asked for help. Many (well-meaning) people had advice for me and encouraged me to meet new people, and get out of the house and find a new hobby. Easier said than done … Imagine you’ve just jumped out of a plane, you’ve landed in the middle of nowhere and you’re afraid and panic-stricken. You have to get yourself up and figure out how you’re going to find a way that will lead you to where you want to be. This was me, I was lost, frightened and didn’t know how to find my way. I needed a plan.

I knew that before I could make new friends or do all of the things I was encouraged to do, I had to get to know myself. Not myself as a wife, long-term companion to someone or a mother. I needed to date myself, push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I took myself out to dinner, the movies, walks on the beach, tried new restaurants, joined online women’s groups and went to therapy–a lot of therapy.

Through all of these experiences, I began to have a voice that was my own–I literally had not heard myself speak so much in my life as I had in only a few months. The sound of my voice was actually a little foreign to me. I began to gain confidence and to think about what kind of future I wanted to have. I could see myself coming out of my shell.

This is also when I started to realize how confined I had been in my marriage, how much I had given of myself to another person, and how much I had allowed myself to stand aside to allow someone else to move forward on their path and because of this I had lost myself along the way.

Although a great deal has happened to me, I can see how much I have learned about myself and the world around me in only a few years. I now know that the events that once broke me no longer define me and who I am. They have led me to where I am now, standing strong and feeling whole.

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Nothing Prepared Me For The Pain I Felt When My Marriage Ended

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Can We Talk About The Male G-Spot For A Minute?

Can We Talk About The Male G-Spot For A Minute?

If you haven’t heard of a P-gasm, then we need to get some things out in the open. Everybody loves an orgasm, but if we can take the arousal factor to the next level for ourselves, or our partner, I think most can agree we […]

Madge The Vag Gets The Down Low On Aunt Flo

Madge The Vag Gets The Down Low On Aunt Flo

You’ve been getting your period for as long as you can remember. But do you even know anything about it? It’s red, it’s brown, it’s heavy, it’s light. What the hell is going on? Madge the Vag sits down with Dr. Ashley Bartalot to get […]

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts

In 1958, African American choreographer Alvin Ailey first performed with a group of young modern dancers at New York’s 92nd Street Young Men’s Hebrew Association. His work as a dancer and an activist popularized modern dance and transformed the way the African American population participated in 20th-century concert dance. Ailey’s masterpiece Revelations is the best known and most often seen modern dance performance and juxtaposes deep grief with profound joy. This Spring, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returns to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts for a limited Spring engagement.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater began as a group of 7 dancers in New York, headed by Ailey, who served as the director, choreographer, and principal dancer. The company gained popularity and toured the globe. In 1969, Ailey established the school that is now named after him and has since become anaccredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in The Winter in Lisbon

During this exclusive Southern California engagement, the Company will dance new programs featuring five, never-before-seen works. Several of these programs are set to music by Jazz legends including Members Don’t Get Weary set to the music of John Coltrane, Victoria, set to the music of Michael Gordon, and Mass set to the music of John Mackey. Ella featuring the music of Ella Fitzgerald and In/Side set to the music of Nina Simone are two works new to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Additional programming includes Ailey classics The Golden Section set to the music of David Byrne, Stack-Up featuring the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Grover Washington, Jr., Fearless Four and Alphonze Mouzon, and the American Masterpiece Revelations.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Alvin Aileys Revelations


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Tickets and Showtimes

There will be three different programs that will perform at the center from April 19th through 22nd, 2018. Tickets for the performances start at $29 and can be purchased online at SCFTA.org, via phone (714.556.2787), or in person at the box office (600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA).


Thursday, April 19 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 22 at 1:00 p.m.
Members Don’t Get Weary by Jamar Roberts
The Golden Section by Twyla Tharp
In/Side by Robert Battle
Revelations by Alvin Ailey

Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. 
Stack-Up by Talley Beatty
Victoria by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano
Ella by Robert Battle
Revelations by Alvin Ailey

Saturday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m.
The Winter in Lisbon by Billy Wilson
Mass by Robert Battle
Ella by Robert Battle
Revelations by Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Gustavo Ramirez Sansanos Victoria

Images: Paul Kolnik, Teresa Wood, Gert Krautbauer, and Chrisopher Duggan

31 Things I Want My Middle-School Son To Know

31 Things I Want My Middle-School Son To Know

As you navigate middle school, I have a few things I’d like you to know: 1. Not everyone will get you. Be patient. You will continue to find your people. 2. Even if you aren’t a natural athlete, grit will be the characteristic that separates you. 3. When […]

Best 7 Books for Kids

Top 7 Stories For Kids

Top 7 Stories For Kids

Best Childrens Books

Since we can remember, we all have enjoyed stories.

Every day we use stories to communicate to others our thoughts and feelings. We all started from Children’s stories, and Kids Story Books, until one day we we’re able to handle bigger words and read much more effectively.

This list is a compiled list of the best books from our childhood, from the classics, to the new way books have been developed.

Childrens books are the backbone to what make us love a good story, and without them, we definitely wouldn’t be as creative or optimistic like we are.

I present you with the best Stories for Kids, enjoy!

Best 7 Books for Kids#7. Where the Wild Things are.

Where the wild things are, is a story about calming down from being a wild child, how our parents do a lot for us, and to not take them for granted.

Max is a troublemaker who is grounded, he goes to sleep, wakes up and his room transforms into a moonlit forest where there is a vast area of water when he then hops on a boat and travels happily without his mom.

He is taken to a place where big fluffy mammal type creatures are, and though extreme looking, they are tame creatures. They try to scare him off, but Max doesn’t take the bait, this, in turn, makes the creatures flabbergasted at him. They immediately make him king over all of them, as he is the most ferocious of them all. They spend days going completely bonkers, until Max finally believes it’s time to stop, he sends them “to bed without dinner,” just as his mother did to him. At this point, Max misses his mom and realizes that it is hard to be in charge of things. Max smells something good, some really good food, he believes it is his mother’s dinner which he wasn’t allowed to eat. He then travels back to the place where he started and goes back home.

6. Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web is a story 100% about Friendship and how friends make us who we are and how they will always be there for us to help us succeed and keep us out of trouble.

Wilbur the Pig, a pig who grows friendships with Fern Arable, who is the little girl who adapted him, and other barnyard animals including Charlotte the spider. When a pig at the barn has piglets, Mr. Arable(Fern’s Father) decides he is going to slaughter Wilbur, because he is a runt. Fern persuades him to keep Wilbur alive. Her father does know that he will end up doing it in the future anyways and tries to break their bond. When Wilbur is strong, he is sent to Mr. Zuckerman’s(Fern’s Uncle) barn and lives there, Fern sees him as often as she can. Wilbur is quite lonely when Fern isn’t there, until one day a spider comes and meets him. He then meets the rest of barnyard animals at this new barn. Charlotte tells Wilbur he will be slaughtered in the winter. She agrees to help him. She begins to spin words in her web and attracts the likes of Mr. Zuckerman to which he thinks it’s a miracle. She spins many words in her web, thanks to the help of a barnyard rat who helps her copy more words. Wilbur is entered into a Fair, where Wilbur is praised thanks to Charlotte and her web.

Unfortunately, though, Charlotte is reaching the end of her life and creates a nest of eggs of other spiders. She entrusts them with Wilbur and tells him that she won’t be going back to the barn with him after the fair. Wilbur guards the eggs with his life. When they finally hatch, most of the spiders leave, but 3 stay behind at the barn and stay friends with Wilbur.

5. The Cat in the Hat.

Cat in the Hat is a story of Sally and her brother at home. They sit alone and bored in their house. Outside it is a cold, rainy, sad day. They both stare endlessly out the window until they hear a big “thud.” The noise came from a big Cat wearing a Red striped hat and a bowtie. The Cat wants to entertain the children with some tricks that he knows. The children’s pet fish doesn’t want that but does want him to leave. The Cat then balances the fish on his umbrella and starts to throw more stuff up and balance it all. It ends with him falling on his head and dropping everything. The fish gets mad at him, but the Cat decides to show another trick.

He brings in a big red box from outside, filled with 2 twins, called “Thing 1 and Thing 2.” They begin to cause havoc and go absolutely crazy inside the house, destroying and breaking things.

The children’s mother is then seen from the Fish, to which sally captures the things in a net and the cat, who is very sad at this point, put them back into the big red box and leaves.

He soon comes back with a machine that begins to clean and fix all the damage caused by him and the things. The children and fish are very happy at this point, and right before their mother walks in the door, the Cat in the Hat leaves with the things.

The mother walks in and asks what the children did while she was gone, but the children do not answer.

The story ends with the questions, “What would you do if your mother asked you?”

4. The Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree is about the joy of giving and selfless love.

The giving tree is a book about a female apple tree and a boy that begin to have a sort of relationship together. The tree always addresses the boy, even thru his various stages of life, as “boy.” The tree in this book “gives” to the boy throughout the story, at first, it is all about climbing the branches and enjoying the apple from the tree, and the tree is happy.

At various stages of the boy’s life, he begins to take more and more. As a child, he gained happiness from her apples and climbing the tree, and the tree is happy. The boy grows into a teen and begins to take all the apples to sell them to make money. When the boy gets older and turns into a man, the man chops her branches down in order for him to build a house, and the tree was happy. Later on, the man chops down her trunk and uses it to build a boat, and the tree was happy.

The Man begins to turn old and the Tree is now a stump. The Boy returns to the tree as an old man and states he just wants a quiet place to sit and rest, which is the only thing the tree can now provide. Despite being chopped down and practically nothing left, the tree was still happy.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

It starts with an egg. Inside the egg hatches a big green caterpillar with a red face. He is hungry, so he decides to go and look for some food. At first, on Monday he has just 1 apple. Tuesday he has 2 pears. Wednesdays he has 3 Plums. Thursday he eats 4 Strawberries. Fridays he eats 5 Oranges! TASTY!

On Saturday he has an enormous feast which includes a very… balanced 😂 diet… He then begins to eat: a piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, one pickle, one slice of swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon. By the end of the day, he gains a stomach ache and gets sick from all the food he ate!

On Sunday he is out of his food coma and returns to a better diet of a big green leaf. He then spins a cocoon which he stays in for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks are up, he emerges from the cocoon as a big beautiful butterfly with large multi-colored wings!

2. Superoo – The Helpful Hero.

At the mall, Chloe leaped at the chance to help others. On that day, she became Superoo! She likes coloring, jump rope, and music. She has the biggest heart on the HeroPals Team.

Did you know that friends, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads sometimes need help just like you do?

Chloe the kangaroo noticed that lots of people needed help. She didn’t let being a kid stop her from being a hero!

 1. Darkpaw – A Tail of Bravery.

When Max finds a costume in the attic, he becomes the hero, Darkpaw! He likes climbing, comic books, and action figures. He is always the first Hero Pal to leap into action!

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Scared of dogs?
Freaked out by strange looking food?

Before he became the Hero Pal known as Darkpaw, Max was a scaredy cat. See how he learned to be brave!





About Hero Pals.


Introducing the Hero Pals, a new series of exciting story books that are sure to bring smiles to your heroes-in-training.

Every adventure has been specifically designed for maximum fun and entertainment for ages 3 to 8.


Use the free app to unlock special features on your mobile device. Scanning the inside of the book will give you access to interactive content that brings the stories to Life!